The Collective is an industrial powerhouse that during a diplomatic conference concerning the fate of a Sian pilot, who believing a ship of the Collective was about to fire upon the Child of Heaven fired upon and destroyed the ship, the Collective seized the Child of Heaven and then the entire Sian Empire. The United Human Worlds tends to hold the war as justified. Their world of Slubulus Prime is a polluted wasteland and they have commited vile atrocities across human space, though they go largly unnoticed.


The Collective is governed by Councillor Dule, and appears to follow his leadership and guidance in all matters.


LotS Better to Receive...

The Collective is a highly industrial society that has been working hard to remove all traces of Earth Culture from their society. One such move in this endeaver was to ban Christmas which resulted in an armed yet festive uprising, called the Yuletide Rebellion, that was brutally crushed.

Armed ForcesEdit

The back bone of the Centurian land forces are the centurian soldiers who fight in black armor and fire dark red lasers. The elites of this force often include psychics in their ranks. The Centurian space forces employ dreaded Void Killers which rip a ship into scrap using thousands of mechanical drones.


  • Centurian Councilior (Raid)
  • Centurian Commander (Raid)
  • Centurian Fleet Commander (Raid)
  • Centurian Sentinel (Raid)
  • Centurian Soldier


  • Sludge Scale Chest
  • Sludge Scale Goggles


  • Centurian Cruiser (Raid)
  • Centurian Fighter
  • Centurian Void Killer (Raid)

Galactic AfairsEdit

The Collective is a member of the UHW and has been blatantly agianst TALOS in the assembly.

They invaded the Sian Empire and now seek to crush the resistance that forms with in it.

Trivia and Player InvolvementEdit

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