LotS Convict

For the sake of unbiased opinion we have had a Rylattu compose this page.

Physical AttributesEdit

Humans are weak, puny, squishy, soft-skinned beings who hail from the inferior world of Earth. Their brain is incapable of even comprehending what the superior races of the galaxy can hold. It is an anomaly they have not been swept away by a vastly more powerful and evolutionary race.


Humans are a wretched and worthless species whose greatest acheivements are as laughable as a small child falling face first into Shashark beast excrement. Humans thrive on unnessessary and barbaric thrills and tend to hold a delusional idealism concerning the world around them despite all facts pointing to a dismal and putrid existance.

Human NationsEdit

Human worlds are united by the in-efficient and disorderly UHW Assembly.