In Legacy of a Thousand Suns, the missions are the main stoyline. The storyline itself is divided into mission areas- each "zone" contains several paragraphs of the storyline and a boss monster. 

Mission AreasEdit

  • Zone 1- Princess Illaria's Escape
  • Zone 2- Legions of Steel
  • Zone 3- Assault on the Zenith
  • Zone 4- The Search for the Princess
  • Zone 5- Politics of War
  • Zone 6- Aphrodisian Anabasis
  • Zone 7- The Right Tools
  • Zone 8- A Masterful Stratagem
  • Zone 9- Scaean Gates
  • Zone 10- Because I'm the Wanderer
  • Zone 11- Talia's Team
  • Zone 12- The Prince and the Pixels
  • Zone 13- The Saga of Drunken Ragnar
  • Zone 14- Lu Bu's Halloween
  • Zone A1- Puny Human Birthdays
  • Zone A2- Puny Human Birthdays II
  • Zone 15- Christmas Chaos
  • Zone 16- Music of the Spheres
  • Zone 17- Playing with Fire (Part 1)
  • Zone 18- Playing with Fire (Part 2)
  • Zone 19- Between Heaven and Hell

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