The Sian Empire has its heroes; men and women who win glory on the battlefield and inspire generations of imperial citizens with their courage. But it also has darker warriors, who play their part in the shadows and leave their deeds unsung.

Associate ItemsEdit

  • Sian Assassin's Blaster
  • Sian Assassin's Boots
  • Sian Assassin's Chest
  • Sian Assassin's Death Blade
  • Sian Assassin's Gloves
  • Sian Assassin's Jetpack
  • Sian Assassin's Mask
  • Sian Assassin's Pants
  • Sian Assassin's Toolkit


Atk: 17

Def: 7




Sian Assassin's attack increases by 2 if Operative Boa is on the Ship.


Expedition Packs

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