The Sian Empire is a galactic body that encompasses a section of space bordering the independent world of Gallea. The Collective has taken it over, after a Sian Fighter wing opened fire on one of their ships 'unprovoked', forcing the Princess and a few brave heroes to seek aid in retaking their homeland.


The Sian Empire is believed to be a Constitutional Monarchy styled after the Chinese Imperial Government.


The Sian Empire's culture appears to be derived from that of the ancient Imperial China. This is apparent in their own variaty of Taoism called Sian Taoism. The Empire generally is opulent yet highly traditional, with its people being hardworking, respectful, and intensely inclined to self-sacrifice if ever it is called for. 

Armed ForcesEdit

In the game units from the Sian empire include Talia and the Sian Guardsmen. The Sian Guardmen are trained in martial arts and completly loyal to the royal family. They are said to be the most disciplined rank and file troops of human space.



  • Blue Dragon Boots
  • Blue Dragon Chest Armor
  • Blue Dragon Gauntlets
  • Blue Dragon Helment
  • Blue Dragon Leg Armor
  • Fleet Commander's Boots
  • Fleet Commander's Gauntlets
  • Fleet Commander's Helment
  • Fleet Commander's Torso Armor
  • Red Commando's Shirt
  • Sian Dress Boots
  • Sian Dress Bracers
  • Sian Dress Headband
  • Sian Dress Jacket
  • Sian Dress Trousers
  • Sian Hero Body Armor
  • Sian Hero Guantlets
  • Sian Hero Helment
  • Sian Hero Leg Armor


Items & Trinkets



Galactic AfairsEdit

On the galactic stage Sian has had close relations with the independent world of Gallea due to cultural ties.

Under the Emperor, Sian has had frosty relations with TALOS due to his mistrust of sapient robotic units, which are highly prevalent in every facet of TALOS identity. Princess Illaria has however been attempting to improve relations with them.

Trivia and Player involvementEdit

  • The Empire's Thugby team is the Sian Dragons.

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