LotS Talia

Born Talia Ryx, Talia is an energetic gunslinging Sian Pilot who has demonstrated great skill with the pistol that is coupled with an undying recklessness.

Early LifeEdit

On her homeworld she learned how to ride Garlax Ragebeasts; brute creatures of great size that many feel would be better killed off then preserved. As a child her father would ambush her on her way home from school to see if she had mastered the quick draw defense tactics he taught her. This proved useful until her friends threw her a suprise birthday party and she shot several of them in the process, with what was fortunately only a training pistol.

Associated ItemsEdit


Atk: 4

Def: 2




Gunslinger: Increases Player's Attack (+15 Attack at level 5)


Talia can be upgraded with Talia's Pistol and a Sian Valor Medalion.

Atk: 32

Def: 57




Goddess of Gunslingers: Increases Player's Attack, Chance for extra damage, Extra damage if Talia's Death Dealing Pistol is owned (96,145 damage / +18 Attack at level 5) 


Mission: Dogfight (Normal)

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