Sian Pilots are members of the Sian Empire's armed forces. They pilot the empires star fighters. It is revealed in Chapter 2 of the story that the main character was not only a pilot but leader of an entire fighter wing. There for a number of RPers feel obliged to play the role.


The Sian Pilot is equiped with a Pilot's Headpeice, Pilot's Shirt, Pilot's Goves, Pilot's Leggings, and Pilot's Boots. This uniform allows them ecellent ability in the enviorment of space.


The Sian Pilot is issued a Jade Dragon as their side arm which proves useful in tight situations.

Total Build BonusEdit

Atk: 60

Def: 56

Note: 25 Atk and 25 Def from Pilot Uniform, the rest is from the Jade Dragon.

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