Thugby is a violent full contact sport popular in human space. The game involves shooting at, stomping on, and stabbing the opposing team. One such 'move' is the Thuby Dance which is to jump upon and stomp ones opponent into submission. The powerful companies that sponser the sport have often brought up lawsuits agianst the media when the term 'Thugby Dance' has been used to refer to a crime inwhich the victom was stomped to death. Athletes are often judged by their 'fatality factor' or matchs played versus kills thou many feel the players ability to make passes is a far better gage. Thugby has it's origins in Soccor and Rugby combining many of the games factors with the deadliness of spikes and guns.

Crew Associated with ThugbyEdit

  • 'Cannon-Arm' Kulgwp
  • Sassurrian Cheerleader
  • Sven 'Thor' Thorsen
  • Thugby Cheerleader
  • Vlarg Dragons Fan

Equipment used in Thugby are as followsEdit

  • Niflung Storm Helmet
  • Niflung Storm Stompers
  • Thugby All-Star Blade Armor
  • Thugby All-Star Brainbucket
  • Thugby All-Star Rippers
  • Thugby All-Star Stompers
  • Thugby All-Star Thigh Spikes
  • Thugby Brainbucket
  • Thugby Ripper
  • Thugby Spike Armor
  • Thugby Stompers
  • Thugby Thigh Spikes

Items used in Thugby are as followsEdit

  • Red Sian Dragons Football
  • Thugby training cannon

Known Thugby teams are as followsEdit

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